Industrialization in America!

 In Social Studies class, we are learning about industrialization. We have talked about during the beginning of the industrial revolution there were companies that got together to form bigger businesses and corporations began. Sometimes, this led to monopolies and trusts. We have learned about the positive and negative effects of big businesses on our country.

Another subject we talked about was the development of the railroads. We learned how railroad tracks improved over time. Eventually, railroad tracks were the same width and it was much easier to travel. The development of the railroad changed America for ever. It helped the country spread out into the west. It helped new industries grow across the country. It changed how people traveled. It also led to the creation of the four time zones which I thought was really interesting. 

Something else that really interested me in class was learning about the many inventions that were created during the Industrial Revolution. The most important invention, in my opinion, was the invention of steel. Without steel, many things would have been created. Andrew Carnegie learned how to mass produce steel and this changed America forever. It helped to make our cities even bigger!. Thanks to his invention and way of making a lot steel, it expanded all over the world.
Another important invention was the light bulb. This was created by Thomas Edison. You have to agree with me that this invention was incredible! What would the world be like today without electric light? We can work at night and in dark places. We can drive on streets and fly in the air at night. Many people don’t realize what we have around us, but these details should be recognized.
In my opinion, a great topic to learn about is the industrialization of the U.S. It’s a great topic to explore if you’re interested in how everything started. It’s really interesting to learn how inventions were created and how fast they expanded over just a few years. What’s your opinion?

~ By Lupita, 8th Grade

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